Townsville Water Blasting

Water blasting in Townsville is our specialty, and now that the wet season is upon us creating unsightly black and dangerously slippery surfaces there has never been a better time to get your car parks, driveways, etc. rejuvenated!

We provide the most cost effective high pressure cleaning solution for all situations with our mobile equipment that can access even the most difficult locations on all sites in Townsville and around north Queensland.

We specialize in water blasting small and large areas such as patios, car parks, concrete slabs, decking, rendered surfaces such as aggregate and washed pebble, tiles, pavers, concrete walls, sandstone, machinery and building wash downs and much more.

water blasting the car park with a gerni

The traditional "Gerni" style of water blasting drive ways and car parks

stainless steel high pressure cleaning head

Latest technology: the large 520mm head covers more area faster delivering higher pressure, giving a cleaner result and saving you money!

high pressure clean water blasting motor and pump

Powerful motors and high tech Italian pumps on wheels deliver high cleaning power to all situations, even those difficult to access.

As dirt slowly builds up over time many people do not even notice how dirty surfaces have become, until our high pressure water blaster brings it back to clean, and many of our customers have expressed their surprise at how effective our pressure cleaning is.
If you are selling your house or other premises let us rejuvenate driveways and walls with our high pressure cleaning services and add substantial value to your property when it all looks like new again.

before the high pressure water blasting gerni
The car park before we did our water blasting
after high pressure cleaning  gerni water blasting treatment
And the car park after the water blasting

Our high pressure water blasting equipment is custom made with the latest technology, powered by highly reliable Honda motors coupled to state of the art Italian pumps and components.
All our pressure cleaning accessories are made from high grade stainless steel, ensuring the very best pressure delivery systems.

For the bigger jobs we utilize a 520mm stainless steel enclosed rotating head that can quickly cover large areas in an extremely cost effective manner.

Satisfied clients are our priority.

We guarantee our water blasting work and take absolute pride in not only achieving the results that clients seek, but to exceed them.

So, when it comes to high pressure water blasting in Townsville and surrounding areas, forget the rest and call the BEST.

Call us NOW for enquiries and bookings on 0418 - 738 817

before the gerni / waterblasting
Years of dirt build-up on this driveway prompted the owners to call us in for a high pressure clean.
after gerni / high pressure clean
Only a couple of hours with our high tech water blaster brought this drive way back to new!